Landscape design and garden layout:
Mediterranean gardens in a range of themes
and atmospheres, in an ecological concept.

Garden enthusiasts, you want to succeed in creating your Mediterranean garden.

Natural garden
Choose a garden that is adapted to the Mediterranean region, a garden that needs no watering or a dry garden, as an environmentally friendly choice.

Jean-Jacques Derboux, landscape gardener in Montpellier (Hérault) offers you the benefit of 30 years experience of creating gardens and a wide knowledge of plants and techniques for dry gardens.

He is the author of "Creating a garden without watering" Published by Ulmer.

The Mediterranean garden has a variety of atmospheres: contemporary garden, romantic garden, natural garden, garden that needs no watering or dry garden, Japanese-style garden, Provencal garden ...
See photos of the gardens created.

In our design office, you’ll find our different approaches to landscape design, including a personalized study,
to create unique, intimate and ecological gardens.

Contemporary garden
How the study unfolds Jean-Jacques Derboux

After accepting the study quote:
  • We arrange an appointment in your garden to discuss it together and make an inventory (about 3-5 h)
  • Work at the design office
  • We meet at our offices in Assas to submit the preliminary draft
  • We meet in your garden to look at any modifications to be made
  • Work at the design office
  • We meet at our offices in Assas to deliver the Study

Parts of the Study:
  • A plan with plant layout and key to the varieties
  • CD: library of the plants to be included
  • Sketchbook (4-5) & pages of atmospheres
  • Layout quote: Plants, supplies and labour, schedule of work
  • Advice booklet (Care and maintenance of the garden)

See examples of studies.

Romantic garden

In site, our gardeners, or artisan partners conduct the landscaping work: from excavation to outdoor decoration.

As professionals, they have mastered all the tools and materials required for
  • Constructions or structures: deck, driveway, stonewall, steps, arbour, pergola, etc.)
  • Water features: pool, fountain, ornamental pond, organic or traditional pool, spa…
  • Planting